Scope Basel 2017

Some pictures of Scope Basel 2017, Avant gallery’s booth

Art wynwood

Art Wynwood @artmiami with Avant Gallery

New works at Avant Gallery

Just dropped off 15 new pieces at Avant Gallery in Miami, if you are around check them out.

New studio

Got new studio up in Brooklyn, still setting it up but stay tuned for the opening.

Leftfield mural video

New video online…not edited yet but you’ll get the idea. Thank you Cassandra, John, Franco, Masha and Ale! Here is the link

BNS at Avant Gallery

So, its Art Basel time in Miami and what better than Avant Gallery representing BNS in south FL? If you are are around the 305 area make sure you stop by their place and check out my latest pieces and... Continue Reading

Official Hoodie of the MTV Video Music Awards 2013

Did this collaboration with Rep the Code to represent the 718 as the Official Hoodie of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The taste of brooklyn is all over the design, from the graffiti to the water tanks.  

New Gallery In Jersey City

Freshly Baked Gallery just opened a gallery in Jersey City and for the first group show they exhibited “Yoda Can Master” on a wood panel. There were some awesome pieces hanging from freshly baked international artists.

Norman Felix gallery Anti-social group show

Drove 9 hours from Brooklyn to Toronto to bring this pieces to Norman Felix. They made it to the gallery, and will be up in a couple weeks for their next show. It’s called “Anti-social” and it’s a group of... Continue Reading

Streetart from Brooklyn to Toronto

Streetart from Brooklyn to Toronto

Left these  hand-pulled screen-printed pieces…or paste ups in Toronto. Yoda with yankee’s hat and a spray can, Franky “stay gold” with the  golden grill, Salvador Dali with a mohawk and the three bills ( Bill clinton, Bill Gates and Bill... Continue Reading