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14 Menace To Society Moscow Red 24x36 Avant Hy April 2019 Web

Menace To Society

Size: 24in x 36in x 2in
Year: 2016

Mixed media with vintage banknotes and antique newsprint on clear block, resin finish and custom walnut frame.

Frida’s neck tattoo coincides with the name of the piece, “Menace to Society”, which, according to BNS, is the artist’s role in society: to question the established norms and rules (just like Frida Kahlo often did, dressing up as a man, for instance). The tattoo over her left eyebrow reads “Coyoacan” which is Frida Kahlo’s hometown. Under that same eye there is a number 10 tattoo. In BNS’s culture number 10 is often used as an allusion to “Diego” (Diego Maradona); in this case number 10 stands for Diego Rivera. Overall, the piece has a number of references to Mexican culture: Frida’s chest bears an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a very traditional figure for the Mexican people, a praying skeleton silkscreen refers to the Day of the Dead (El día de los muertos), there are also vintage certified Mexican banknotes in the background. Other paper money seen in the background of the piece are authentic Russian Banknotes, which together with pieces of handcrafted paper from the USSR, are a hint to the link that Frida and Diego had with the communist ideology. The silkscreen figure of a wounded person is an image that BNS borrowed from an ancient 1800 wood carving, it makes reference to all the physical suffering Frida went through during her life.

Comment: Available
Project: Dissociative Identity


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