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Size: 24in x 36in x 2in
Year: 2017

Mixed media with vintage banknotes and antique newsprint on wood, resin finish and custom walnut frame.

Muhammad Ali is also known as the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Times), hence the inscription on his knuckles and an anatomy drawing of a goat’s skull silkscreened in black as one of the layers of the piece. Proclaiming himself as “the greatest”, the boxer referred not only to his skills in the ring, but also to his love for speeches. His famous quotes such as “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, “You traded heaven for hell, baby” can be seen as tattoos on his body (the first one as an actual butterfly with a sting, the other one, originally addressed to his wife upon their break-up, as a phrase tattooed all over his chest). Among his other tattoos, a spider web on his shoulder represents the trap he found himself in when convicted of violating selective service laws: at that time he got his boxing license revoked and his passport had been taken away, so he could not make a living by boxing neither in nor outside the United States. Silkscreened flowers in white ink stand for peace and are included for the same reason – Ali’s fighting against the war. His torso says Louisville, his hometown; his left forearm features Malcolm X, whom he followed closely; and his eyebrow reads “Thrilla” reminding the viewer of the third and last fight against Joe Frazier in Manilla.

Comment: Available

Project: Dissociative Identity

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