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Rebel Rebel

Size: 24in x 36in x 2in
Year: 2018

Mixed media on wood panel finished in resin.

British artist David Bowie, born David Robert Hayward-Jones, got the Bowie eponym from James Bowie (a 19th-century American pioneer, who played a prominent role in the Texas revolution) and the Bowie knife -the eye tattoo- that the latter used as a means of defending himself in a fight that gave him a reputation of the most dangerous man among the opposition. However, the name was probably the only thing that the artist “borrowed”: he was very innovative throughout his whole life that he never really followed any trend, rather created those trends himself. BNS underlines that fact with the “Rebel rebel” tattoo ,which is also the name of a famous Bowie’s song as well as this piece, and “No masters” under his eye. The other tattoos that we can see are “Brixton” which stands for his hometown, a spider web cheek tattoo that represents the song “Spiders from Mars” and “1963” that was the year when David Bowie finally decided to dedicate himself entirely to the art.

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