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Too Cool for School

Size: 24in x 36in x 2in
Year: 2017

Mixed media with vintage banknotes and antique newsprint on wood & resin finish.

BNS’s Albert Einstein is too cool for school, his tattoos serve as proof. The right side of his forehead has a barcode tattoo with the inscription E=MC2. The tattoo over his eyebrow reads “Mileva” and is dedicated to his first wife and mother of his two sons. The world “Relativity” on his chin alludes to his famous theory and lifelong studies. He is also rocking a star of David earring that represents his religious beliefs which made him move out of Europe to the United States. The pin on the strap of his messenger bag says “Science Bitch”, that’s a famous quote from one of the leading characters of the popular TV series “Breaking Bad”. The background of the piece features authentic Mark banknotes from the last century.

Comment: Available
Project: Dissociative Identity

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